The B.A.T. workshop school at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare, has given the first training and education to many Zimbabwean artists.
This also goes for Arthur Fata, who after that training went abroad to gain more knowledge and skills as an artist, from England, Portugal and especially Bulgaria, where he studied at the Academy in Sofia. This meant that he acquired much of the classical skills of sculpting, and was able to combine these with the Zimbabwean stones.
Therefore Arthur Fata’s sculptures stand out with their sometimes very naturalistic features. At one exhibition a dog lying on the floor was by many guests taken for a live dog.
With these skills Arthur Fata explores subject matters from nature such as animals, birds, insects. In most cases he employs his specialty; to mix different stones in one sculpture. For instance the eyes of a grasshopper would be made of the green verdite stone, and then glued into the holes made ready for the eyes. Also limbs of an animal or a female ballet dancer can be put together from more than one stone. In this way Arthur Fata has opened new opportunities for possible sculptures, and he has opened our eyes for new developments in the history of Zimbabwean Stone Sculptors and their masterpieces.

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