Ephraim Chaurika is a proud man and an artist blessed with a talent of his own, and has been for decades now in his home country of Zimbabwe.
Having now reached the tender age of 70+, Ephraim Chaurika still sculpts his horses of all sizes and expressions, along side with new humorous inventions, such as a laughing horse with his jaws strained to the limits (you wonder if they will ever come together again), an elephant with other elephant faces as eyes, called “I See You”, and what may be next? The man will surprise you many times over in the years to come.
Ephraim Chaurika is a farmer and grows his fields as the ever first priority. This means that he and his family are cared for, when it comes to feeding every member of the large family. When the work permits, he creates his sculptures at a small piece of land at the road going on to Guruve (in northern Zimbabwe). This small plot is always filled with the lighthearted spirit of this good-hearted and highly creative artist/farmer – not a weak combination, when you come to think of it.
It is no coincidence that you always meet Chaurika with a beautiful Stetson on his head – he could as well have made a career in Hollywood and Spaghetti Westerns – we are happy that he did not, but chose to give us his horses and all the other sculptures; from the countryside in Zimbabwe to the “western” houses and gardens of Europe and elsewhere.

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