Lawrence Mukomberanwa is one of the great talents among the modern Zimbabwean stone sculptors in the 21st century. The oldest living son of the formidable Nicholas Mukomberanwa, he is approaching the stones with a similar directness as his father did, preferably very large stones, leading to monumental sculptures with an impact.

“Mixing of Cultures” expresses his understanding as an artist and his hopes as a person for our future on this planet. He speaks about all of us coming together in a not too far away future in a true vision of the global village, where all cultures meet and bring the best into the common ground, thus creating something of a higher quality – for the good of all mankind.

Bringing such dreams and thoughts into sculptures is part of what is driving Lawrence Mukomberanwa in his quest – a true artist of the people, meaning all of us. Ever on the road towards new explorations within the possible expressions you can drive out of hard stones with your hammer and chisels, he is well aware of his obligation towards the world; his art goes directly into our hearts and minds and leave an impression, a message, if you like.

Lawrence Mukomberanwa is well known in USA, Europe and Russia, and has been part of all Friends Forever exhibitions since the very first one in Begues, Barcelona, Spain.

In 2006 he gave new inspiration to one of the most distinguished sculpting academies in the world, The Academy of Art in Moscow, Russia – when he brought the stones and the Zimbabwean tradition to the students and professors there – leading to astonishing results, and forever friendships.

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