Mike was born in 1967 as the son of the well-known sculptor Henry Munyaradzi at the Tengenenge artists’ colony in Zimbabwe. His father introduced him in his childhood to the art of stone sculpting and therefore he was already at the age of 15 handling all types of tools with great experience. The success and fame of this father offered Mike the best available options for education, which is proven by his software diploma (BTech HND) awarded by the Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as by his commercial pilot license. Despite these promising qualifications his heart always stayed true to the passion of his father, the Shona sculpture. In 1994 Mike decided to return to both, Zimbabwe and the art of stone sculpting, and assisted Henry until his death. The connection between both artists lasts into the afterlife, as Mike’s five metre high and 7000 kilogram heavy sculpture  „Mhondoro“ (the most important Shona spirit, and his father’s totem), an homage to the work of Henry, demonstrates impressively.
Mike has faith in the spiritual world of the Shona and utilizes their formula to express his feelings. His style follows the one of his father, he also takes the natural form of the rock as foundation for the composition of his sculptures: “The way I sculpt is a combined effort between the stone and myself. The stone presents to me a natural sculpture, which I must expose into a form understood by everyone. Every natural shape of a stone is a sculpture in waiting - don't fight with the stone, work together with it and a beautiful sculpture comes out smoothly from the rock. I look at the stone and all I’m thinking now is between the stone and myself. Are we in good books here – or are we fighting?” At the same time Mike also finds new ways to express himself in order to prevent a mere copying of his fathers design. Therefore, the facial expression of his sculptures is different, as he builds it in a tougher, more sophisticated way.  Also the subjects discussed in his works are original due to their contemporary demand. Mike defines his craftsmanship as a possibility to make an appeal to his environment, to disclose positive and negative ways of living.
A man of the world decides for the sake of sculpting despite all the worldly options offered to him, because the love for his father and for Shona art exceed everything with regard to worthiness. The   person Mike Munyaradzi demonstrates on very personal grounds not only his own strength of character, but moreover the unforgettable occupying force of this unique art form.

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