Nestayi is the oldest of the Mukomberanwa siblings. From her early childhood on, she was exposed to the art of stone sculpting due to her famous father, Nicholas. Since then she always proved her talent in this discipline, even though it remained a playful hobby for a long time. The certified elementary school teacher finally decided in 2007 to concentrate most of her time and talent on her creative works, an utterly promising decision.
Without her family background the ambitious mother of three would probably have had a less unobscured path to gain ground in this male domain of Zimbabwean art. She herself has a pleasantly relaxed point of view onto the issue of gender misbalance in her trade: „The sex shouldn't matter. I just want to be considered as an artist, because when it is a finished product, it doesn’t tell whether it is a woman or a man, who did it, except when one is told. Some of my ideas are influenced by the way I live, the experience I have in life, and since I used to work as a teacher, some of my sculptures show many kids, also because I have got three kids at home. But my subjects are also feelings like togetherness, love, pride in women and humbleness in men for instance.“
Netsayis sculptures have a disarming appeal of outgoing clarity that distances her works from saturated gestures and affective manoeuvres. Her style is drawn by a decisive realism with a great passion for movement. Most of her works are destined by one principal line of motion from which subordinate compositional elements are developed.  In doing so, she creates a rhythmization of form attributing her sculptures with a musical impetus. Emphasizing her graphic direction of line effectively.  Her unique ballsculpures outbidding this dynamic of motion to perfection count as her trademark, that she continuously reinvents with skilful imagination.

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