The Stone Line


Oswald Kansongo runs his stone line, in order to supply all the artists with the raw stones, they need for their art. It is important that the supply is abundant at all times, since the artists get inspired by different stones from day to day. Together with one or more artists Oswald Kansongo goes with the stone line truck, which was donated by Friends Forever, to one of the mines, where the artist chooses the raw stones, he or she wants. They are then loaded unto the trcuk (by hand) and delivered in Ruwa or at one the other artists' own studio.

Working the stones

It is important for all artists that the supply of raw stones is abundant.

The workplace consists of gazebos, round constructions with a thatched roof that protects against sun and rain.

Every artist works in his or her gazebo, where the chosen raw stones are placed just outside.

When chosen by the artist, the stone is moved inside the gazebo and the creation of a new sculpture begins. Most artists work on more than one sculpture at the time.

In the centre of all the gazebos you find the larger gazebo, where everybody eats and have social and cultural events together.

Here the stone line truck is delivering new raw stones, in front of a couple of the already created sculptures - from raw stones to art works of world class quality.

A creative atmosphere reigns under each thatched roof.