Bywell Sango was born in Guruve in 1979 being the young brother of the late Brighton Sango. He started sculpting at an early age through the influence of his brother. He developed his own style mostly characterized by abstracts.
Brighton, his brother assisted him to create and finish sculptures during school holidays. Bywell saw himself inspired and encouraged and developed high interest in to sculpting.
Working alongside his brother at home, Bywell has already shown some changes, and possibilities for development. He enjoys working on cobalt, opal, spring stone and serpentine.
His inspiration is not driven from Shona myth, but rather from the shape of the stone itself .It can express an emotional reaction to a particular situation.
His future plan is to have as many exhibitions as possible abroad, working on huge pieces which are above three meters in height and to have his own studios of art and then finally to train those less privileged young artist.
Bywell exhibited his works at the National Art Gallery in 1998, and participated in competitions, winning some of the prices in 2004 and 2006.
He has further exhibited his sculptures in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and USA.


Look At Me