Colleen Madamombe was an unique artist of the Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture movement. She has created her own distinct style of African women. Black (Springstone) or green (Opal Stone) hands and faces and richly decorated raw areas of the stone for the dress are the trademark of the sculptures made by Colleen Madamombe.
“I started sculpting 25 years ago. I do women sculptures; what I see women doing is what I put in sculpting, like bearing children, going to the field, sisters and so forth. That’s what I do in my life.“
Colleen Madamombe was aware of her role as a woman sculptor of renown. Her women sculptures full of pride and happiness have a direct appeal to everybody, not least the women in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, and thus creating a direct link between great art and people of the countryside in Zimbabwe.
You can see here some of the last works, Colleen Madamombe created, before she died in May 2009.


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