Sylvester Mubayi is one of the first generation master sculptors of Zimbabwe. He met Tom Blomefield in front of the National Gallery in the sixties and came to Tengenge in 1966 and started sculpting there.
Later he was asked by the director of the gallery, Frank McEwen to come there and work, and eventually he went to Nyanga to lead a new art community there, which he named Vkutu. As a detail, we should mention that it was also here that he learned the body language of baboons, giving us a unique insight into his creation of a number of expressive sculptures of these animals.
He was mentioned among the top 10 sculptors of the 20st Century in The Guardian in 1991.
Sylvester Mubayi creates sculptures of great beauty, often with a traditional meaning to them such as the bird as a messenger between "the other side" and people. Or a rhino spirit, who protect a shy child.  His life size cheetahs seems so friendly that one of them is today protecting a young child in her bedroom in Helsinki, Finland.
Sylvester Mubayi is a mentor with Friends Forever artists, and deliberately so, it is a high priority with him to support and give inspiration to the most talented younger artists in his field, the stone sculpture of Zimbabwe.

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