past exhibitions 2006


Friends Forever in Atlanta, USA for the first time

March 1 – evening at 6.30pm – marked the first Friend Forever Exhibition Opening in the USA. Friends Forever’s partner in Atlanta is the Garson & Shaw of Atlanta. The exhibition is hosted by Atlantic Station – a Midtown Atlanta upcoming center of business and entertainment. In an 8000 square feet area the now 17 Friends Forever artists meet the Americans – who on their side experience a virtual travel to Zimbabwe: a strong mountain – a distant mountain ridged valley – two zebras and a red sunset frame these genuine pieces – all presented by the side of their masters and in straight lines through the magnificent exhibition room...
A cinema shows the artists working and telling. Oliver Mtukudzi plays the music...
At the opening ceremony our guests stayed for three hours – 150 sculptures – a world of art to experience and study in details.
You are welcome!
Promoted by the FOX5NEWS on Saturday 4th of March and supported by the management of Atlantic Station as well as all business partners in the neighbourhood.

Master Sculptors Of Zimbabwe
Atlantic Station 

until 15.04.2006

264 19th Street, Suite 2250

Atlanta, GA 30363

Open Tue-Sun 10am-8pm


First Exhibition in Italy

At a beautiful little gallery in the Lake Como town of Cernobbio, the first Italian exhibition where Humana Italy ( and Friends Forever work together with the municipality and the owners of the gallery, Spazio Forno, will open Friday night, the 31st of March 2006.
The mayor and many invited guests from the municipality, the gallery and others including friends of Humana, will attend, and the sale will begin. We have had very good press and today the TV for the area made a 10 minutes' interview and walkthrough of the exhibition.
We have great hopes for this row of exhibitions in Italy, which will run until September in cities across Northern Italy, from West to East.


BOSTON – Exhibition in Tubman House, Midtown

Friends Forever’s 2nd exhibition in the US – in Tubman House, a Community Centre in Midtown Boston – was organized in partnership with the organization Planet Aid in Boston – and hosted by the management of Tubman House.
The Community Centre has taken on the task of educating and enlightening broadly and generously in its area – and the sculpture exhibition has shown to fit this mission. Enthusiastic  visitors – coming again 2-3 times – falling in love with one or more of the sculptures – and some buying – the drawing class sitting around – the school classes being shown all the works. A lively and beautiful forum.
A group of volunteers together with their teacher from a nearby High School CICD was the core in the selling team.
The Boston exhibition closed the 25th of May – but continuously sell sculptures from the Catalogue: Boston Catalogue 2006 – and can organize delivery in all USA.

Master Sculptors Of Zimbabwe
Harriet Tubman House 

until 25.05.2006

Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02118


Austria Tour 2006

The tour Of the Friends Forever exhibitions "Lebende Steine 2006 in Österreich" began at Wasserschloss Kottingbrunn. From the 7th April to the 25th April Kottingbrunn Wasserschloss was once again the excellent frame around the exhibition for the Master Sculptors Of Zimbabwe. 
Both the old castle – the beautiful surroundings – and also the culture life around the place e.g. in the Kulturszene ( just beside – makes this event a special one.
Friends of Friends Forever in Vienna, Austria know about it and know each other as well.
Again this year the event was organized in partnership between Friends Forever, Humana Austria and the Marktgemeinde Kottingbrunn.
Once again it was a success - many sculptures sold during the 3 weeks - only few to pack the last day.
Last year the Austria Exhibitions made is possible to pay bonus to the artists in July - and to provide health insurance for a number of the artists following the concept of Friends Forever.
The Tour of "Lebende Steine 2006 in Österreich" continued in Burg Liechtenstein – along with the Nestroy-Festival (, which is presented by Elfriede Ott at the Outdoor Theatre in this old castle. The opening was on the 21st of July at 5pm and the exhibition stayed until mid August.
Partners in the event are: Friends Forever, Humana Austria and Marktgemeinde Maria Enzersdorf – who also last year was the host of the exhibition. 
And during the waiting time you can take a chance to see samples of the artists works exhibited in the Lounge and Business center in Hotel Hilton Vienna.
Welcome to "Lebende Steine 2006 in Österreich"!


Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Wednesday, the 19th of April we had a brilliant opening of the exhibition “Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe” at the Museum of Modern Art, Petrovka, Moscow.
Already two hours before the opening, the first TV crew arrived to interview Lawrence Mukomberanwa and ask him to do a guided tour of the exhibition, which he will be doing every afternoon as long as he is here. They filmed and interviewed for 1 and a half hour – it is the Culture Channel of the State TV, and in the evening, when we celebrated in the Museum’s restaurant, we saw the broadcast, which was very beautiful.
As soon as the first crew had finished, the next took over, and all three channels made interviews and showed the exhibition.
The daughter of Zurab Tsereteli (President of The Academy of Arts and the most well-known sculptor and artist of Russia), Lika, had also arrived and together with Ludmilla – from the Museum, she made sure that everything looked its best, including putting flowers on the platform where Nicholas Mukomberanwa’s and Lawrence Mukomberanwa’s pieces are displayed.
And then the vice president of the Academy of Arts in Moscow, Dimitri Olegovich Shvydkovsky, arrived, he was to lead the ceremony. More than 200 people had eventully arrived and the rain had stopped and the weather was a bit clearer, though still a little cold. Anyway, everything was ready, only the Zimbabwean Ambassador had not arrived yet. He was stuck in the traffic.
So we told people that we were waiting for him, and everybody stayed patiently.
After half an hour the vice president decided together with Mr. Beglov from Unesco, our very good friend, that we should start.
He made a very enlightened and warm-hearted speach in Russian and English, making this into an important event, and stressing the will to continue the cooperation in the future – a message directly from Zurab Tsereteli. Very interesting and promising, because in the coming years we can bring very fantastic exhibitions to this place.
Then he gave the word to Sune Joergensen, the curator of Friends Forever, who started out in Russian, which was well received, and then talked about the art form, presented Lawrence Mukomberanwa and explained about the concept of Friends Forever. All was translated by the Embassy’s translator. This was followed by a few words from Lawrence, stressing the cultural exchange, which is exemplified every day at the master class he is leading at the Academy of Arts, Zurikov Institute, from where all the students and the teacher, who already loves Lawrence as if he was his son, were present.
And then as if it was a miracle, the ambassador arrived, just in time to make his speech and officially open the exhibition. In his speech he made it clear that Zimbabwe has something to be very proud of here, including young talented artists such as Lawrence.
And the exhibition was officially opened.
So, we have started in the best possible way and right atmosphere from everybody here in Moscow.


A superb Opening in L'Amettla del Valles, Spain

Saturday Night 20th of May witnessed a superb opening in Barcelona – our 11th exhibition of “Mestres Escultors de Zimbabwe” in Spain.
The exhibition forms part of the celebrations of the 1100 years anniversary of the town L’Amettla del Valles, the municipality, where Humana Spain is situated.
The opening took place in the outdoors, with chairs for 100 people, musicians from Guinea Bissau playing Kora and Djembe and 150 people showed up, many “old friends” from earlier exhibitions and many new ones.
The exhibition was opened by 5 speakers –The Chairman of the local Arts Association, The Vice President of Humana, Jose Marti, Sune Joergensen, Curator of Friends Forever and the Zimbabwean Sculptress Netsai Mukomberanwa. The Mayor of L’Amettla del Valles finally officially opende the exhibiton. The speakers concentrated upon the cultural relations between Africa and Spain, upon solidarity, and the applause would not end, when Netsai exclaimed in Katalan: Long live Zimbabwe and Long Live Catalunya!
The interest among the visitors was lively. The exhibition is near the Town Hall, inside and outside the Culture House – and in front of the local library.
Outside the Culture House we have made a small sculpture park – 15 bigger sculptures along a path that takes you from Colleen Madamombe’s "Flower Girl", past Mike Munyaradzi’s "Nun", Fanizani Akuda’s "Bird Mother" to Lawrence Mukomberanwa’s "Couple" in Black Springstone - then past Square Chikwanda’s "Duck with Ducklings" meeting a big "Proud Horse" by Ephraim Chaurika, from there to Edward Chiwawa’s "Mermaid" and at the end Cragemia Chiwawa’s "Tonga Lady", which was one of the many sculptures sold at the opening.
A group of Development Instructors preparing for work at Humana projects in Mozambique, have taken part in the preparations of the exhibition, which will stay in l’Ametlla del Valles until the 18th of June.


Espoo Housing Fair & Master Sculptures

July 14 marks the opening of both the big ESPOO HOUSING FAIR in Espoo, Helsinki,Finland - and - as a part of this fair and first time in Finland: Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe, Friends Forever in cooperation with UFF Finland. The exhibition is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hosted by the Housing Fair Management.
There are great expectations to this event. Houses of different styles and sizes, architecture, colours and shapes are being built, plants and trees surround and beautify - and on top of this: Find Jewels for your home in the exhibition "Galleria Garwe, Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe". The Catalogue has already appeared. Welcome to a summer exhibition of modern and unique Zimbabwean Sculpture Art in Finland - the land of the Midnight Sun.
You will find us just near to the Railway Station - look out for the banner with the logo.