Tinashe Chawaipira is Wonder Luke’s son and his student as well. He graduated together with his 5 student-peers in May 2017. 

Tinashe tells about himself:
“In 2009 my father took me to Ruwa to assist him at Friends Forever. I started making sculptures of my own style. Due to my powers of inner strength and being conscious of my future I managed to come up with something. I like to make birds, animals and humans. I feel privileged to have a father like mine because he taught me a lot.

For now, I am still assisting him and producing my own style. I am working hard and doing it professionally with a great talent. I keep on sharpening my sculpting skills and I wish to have some workshops and exhibitions outside the country.”

Today, Tinashe is working as an artist in his own right. One of his favourites is small charming elephants, another is delightful mermaids.



Waiting Woman